10 Reasons Why You Should Do The Spine Climb

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We are TWO DAYS away from our 1st Annual Spine Climb Fundraiser. If you haven’t registered yet we can bust all your excuses! Not in shape? Busy? Got kids? Not a problem. This event is for everyone.



. It’s for ALL fitness levels – The Spine Climb isn’t just for the fit and active. You can take it slow, there are benches to rest at all the way up and if going down stairs gives your ol’ knees trouble there is a walking path down you can take. That said, there is also an Endurance Climb option for those who really want to push their limits and get their heart pumping.

2. Family friendly – All ages are welcome to participate. Dr. Fisher’s two-year old and four-year old have climbed it unassisted, you can even climb with your baby in a carrier, and we will have a few activities for the kiddos if they aren’t up for as many sets of stairs as you.

3. Connect with Dr. David Lawson – If you were a patient of Dr. Lawson you will get a chance to visit with him and hear what he and Susan have been up to in their retirement. They will both be climbing with us.

4. Outdoor workout – You were planning a weekend workout anyway, right? You might as well change up the routine and meet us at the stairs.

5. Amazing view – After climbing all 165 of the McHugh Bluff stairs you will be reward with a breathtaking view of Calgary’s skyline, the Bow River, and on a clear day you can also see the Rocky Mountains.

6. Support a great cause – All the proceeds from the event will be going towards World Spine Care which is an organization dedicated to improve access to quality, sustainable and evidence-based muskuloskelatal care in under-developed countries. Something we care a lot about!

7. We have prizes – Our sponsors have donated prizes such as running gear, a photo shoot, and gift certificates to get your hair and beard game on point.

8. Weather forecast is looking good – Of course this can change in Calgary, but October is shaping up to be a beautiful month and you will enjoy the fresh crisp fall air.

9. There is no time commitment – You can drop in or stay all morning. Do one set of stairs on your way to get a coffee or hang out for a while and do 50 sets of stairs.

10. Community event – this is a great chance to meet new people, bring friends along for the challenge and get some exercise all while giving to charity. Pretty awesome huh?

11. Only $25 – Okay we said only 10 reasons, but seriously! All that for only $25. It is just your registration fee, no pledges required. You now have no reasons NOT to #riseup and join us for the 1st Annual Spine Climb Fundraiser.



I would like to invite you to join me and many others in supporting World Spine Care. There is no other organization focused on creating a world in which everyone has access to the highest quality spine care possible.

Come and exercise both your heart of circulation and your heart of compassion by participating in the 1st Annual Spine Climb fundraiser taking place on October 16, 2016.