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CLEAN YOUR MACHINE – 3 week supervised wellness detox program

When your car looks a little dirty you probably take it for a thorough cleaning. We give our homes a full cleaning when they get a little messy. But we do not often give the same consideration to our bodies.

The same style spring-cleaning concept is very helpful for the human body and especially for our digestive health. We often call this kind of total-body cleansing, detoxification.  There are many benefits that can be experienced from detoxification which many include some or all of the following:


  • Improves Energy level
  • Improves your ability to deal with stress
  • Improves Recovery Time after strenuous exercise or other traumas
  • Improves Physical Performance and stamina especially in athletes
  • Removes Impurities from the body for improved Health and better absorption of nutrients
  • Improves Immune System to help prevent many degenerative diseases and aging
  • Improves Bone Strength with the proper calcium supplement
  • Improves the Production of collagen for joints and ligaments
  • Improves Memory, Concentration and Focus
  • Improves Weight Loss more rapidly

Cleansing is for Anyone who wishes to Look, Feel Young and Healthy


First appointment (30 minutes):  An initial consultations with Dr. Trudy Strasser to assess your overall health and suitability for the detoxification process.  The consultation along with your questionnaire will be used to design a customized program based upon your unique needs.  You will receive the information and products necessary to begin your personalized wellness detox.

Second appointment (45 minutes):  This appointment will begin with a 30 minute therapeutic massage focusing on lumphatic drainage and muscle tension, followed by a 15 minute follow-up consultation with Dr. Strasser including a discussion of your progress.

Third appointment (30 minutes):  Your final appointment will include a 30 minute therapeutic massage to complete the detoxification process.

You will receive receipts for your treatment that can be claimed under your naturopathic and massage therapy benefits.