A New Role for Dr. Scott Fisher at DIHG

Posted 8 years ago on

This February Dr. Scott Fisher is stepping into the role of Clinic Director and Owner at Downtown Integrative Health Group.  After more than thirty years of dedicated leadership, Dr. David Lawson is handing over the reins to Dr. Fisher and entrusting him to carry on the legacy of the Clinic, which originally belonged to Dr. Lawson’s father.

The change in ownership comes on the heels of Susan’s liver transplant (Susan is Dr. Lawson’s wife and was the Office Manager at DIHG). Susan will be retiring from her role at the Clinic and will be focusing on regaining her full health and pursuing her many interests. Dr. Lawson will be continuing to provide care to his patients at the clinic, however he is reducing his clinic hours in order to assist in Susan’s recovery and pursue some of his other passions.  Everyone at the Clinic would like to express their gratitude to David and Susan for all that they have invested into the clinic these many years.

Dr. Fisher is enthusiastic about taking on the role of Clinic Director. “Over the past two and a half years at DIHG I have developed many relationships and acquired a sense of home with this place. I have learned a lot from working with David and I am glad that I am able to take what he has established and continuing growing the vision of building a premier natural health clinic in downtown Calgary.”

We trust that you will find the same level of excellence and care under the ownership of Dr. Fisher and his wife Ricki who will also be involved with the Clinic. As always, we remain your dedicated team of natural healthcare professionals who’s aim is to see you living healthy and pain-free lives.