Active Release Techniques (ART)®

Active Release Techniques® (ART) is a state of the art soft tissue and movement based manual therapy technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

ART is a highly sought after therapy for both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries that arise from repetitive muscle injuries, sports injuries, trauma, postural stresses, daily wear and tear and overuse of our bodies.

Overused and injured muscles (and other soft tissues) can cause your body to produce tough, dense scar tissue in the affected area. ART is one of the most effective treatments available to reverse the effects of the accumulation of scar tissue and restore proper soft tissue function.

The Goal: to restore your muscle function, improve athletic performance, and to allow your body to move without pain.

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Below are some of the many conditions that can be treated through ART:
● Headaches
● Back pain
● Hip pain
● Neck pain
● Carpal tunnel syndrome
● Golfer’s elbow
● Tendonitis
● Shin splints
● Finger pain
● Shoulder pain
● Sciatica
● Leg pain
● Plantar fasciitis
● Knee problems
● Wrist pain

This depends on several factors like the severity, nature and duration of the problem. Most patients find some immediate relief after their first ART treatment and will generally be 80% better after 3-4 weeks.

The last 20% comes from patients actively taking care of themselves and being compliant with the prescribed rehabilitation and prevention exercises.

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