Add Some Grinch To Your Christmas! – Dr. Sarah Kent | ND

Posted 7 years ago on

By adding some Grinch to your holiday I’m referring to 2 things in particular. One being more green vegetables – in everything sweet to savory (read on and you’ll see how) & the second being a tad of selfish to be selfless.

1. Eating green is good if, course, the green is from pigments in vegetables. Green vegetables are a great source of health promoting and disease fighting how_the_grinch_stole_christmas_wallpaper1-300x192phytonutrients & are high in fiber. All this will a low caloric cost and amazing taste. If you are finding your meal choices are increasingly full of deep fried, rich, fatty foods topped with sugar treats this holiday season, add the greens. Here’s some ways to do this:

• Put your meal on a bed of lettuce (ice burg, mixed greens, arugula, spinach etc)

• Eat a salad with every meal (lettuce in your omlete or smoothie for breakfast, kale in your pancake batter?)

• Include a scoop of your favorite greens powder to smoothies or a glass of almond milk daily. The greens product that I like is VegeGreens by Progressive

2. I’m recommending your selfishness include dedicated “me time” set aside each day. By doing this you can recharge and give just the right amount of yourself this holiday season and avoid holiday burnout. Our festive holiday seasons usually includes added pressure of social obligations, family gathering, gift giving etc. Although these can be fun and something to look forward to they are usually added on to already busy schedules.

To avoid being caught in a whirlwind of rush that could augment stress and lead to temper, make a date with yourself for something that you like doing that is calming. Go for a run, even if it is only 10 min long. Break out into downward dog or child pose for 10 deep breaths. These activities can provide a pause that can enable perspective throughout the day or a busy scene and stop the progression of chaos into burnout.

Keeping your self happy and focused is a great way to enjoy the holiday season, so eat your greens and keep a date with yourself each an every day to refocus and re energize.

Happy Holidays!