Ascent Now Offers Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)

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What is FRC®?

FRC® is a revolutionary comprehensive joint training system developed by musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina using the most up-to-date scientific research and evidence.

The approach is widely being used by various professional sporting organizations including the Portland Blazers, Basketball Canada, Chicago Cubs, and many more to aid in rehabilitation, to mitigate injury risk, and to improve sport performance. The FRC® system strives to improve mobility, joint strength, and body control. In today’s society the term mobility has become a mainstream buzzword that is often associated with countless hours on a foam roller or other marketable mobility aid in an attempt to produce lasting change. However, the notion of muscles being solely responsible for a person to produce controlled motion is inherently flawed, while lasting change to muscle extensibility requires the complete integration of articular (joint), muscular, and neuromuscular training.

Ultimately, FRC® stands to improve an individual’s ability to control movement in a safe and efficient manner regardless of individual goals, while promoting mobility & flexibility, joint strength & health, enhanced performance, and injury prevention.

So, if you’re someone who has been dealing with chronic injuries where conventional treatment has failed to producing lasting effects, or you simply want to improve your joint health and longevity, contact Dr. Roger Menta at Ascent Integrative Health to book an appointment.



What happens at my first appointment?

At your first appointment a detailed assessment will be conducted to determine where functional limitations exist. This will require individuals to be dressed in sporting/comfortable attire to ensure non-restricted movement, allowing for accurate joint/muscular motion assessment. Typically, at this point corrective exercises will be provided to promote the desired motion while reducing the previously assessed joint/muscular limitation.  In certain situations the assessment may provide key findings suggesting that the motion limitations may benefit/require manual therapy (i.e., muscle release techniques, acupuncture, joint manipulation, or pain management) to alleviate pain and promote tissue resilience.


“Force is the language of cells. Whether those forces are applied by external means by way of soft tissue therapy application, or internal means by way of active muscle contraction and movement, the cells ultimately don’t know the difference. They simply receive ‘communication’ (force) from their environment, and then adapt to those messages accordingly.” -Dr. Andreo Spina


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