Curious about Kinstretch? Join our 6 wk online intro class starting Jan 26!

Kin-what?  Kinetic stretching, labelled “Kinstretch” (FRS – Functional Range Systems) has been the single most influential piece in my health and wellness journey for the last 2 years. Professionally and personally, kinstretch has changed my life and I’m hoping my story will influence you to take a chance, open your mind and see how it can benefit yours.

Prepping Your Body for Winter Activities: Rehabbing Knee Injuries

Over the past several months we have all faced a multitude of change and transitions in the ways we navigate our lives. These transitions can be hard, but they also present a unique opportunity for growth and development. With the return of snow many of us are getting back into our favorite winter activities or…

Diaphragm Breathing – By Jessie Dalton, PT

Breathing – sounds pretty simple, right? Although the act of actual breathing/taking a breath is regulated by our brain, our breathing pattern and muscle activity can actually change when we are in different types of situations.  For example, if you are experiencing a painful injury or high levels or stress and/or anxiety, your breathing pattern…

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Strategies For A Better Sleep – by Jessie Dalton, PT

Have you ever experienced those nights when you just can’t fall sleep? Or maybe you never feel rested after long night of sleep or you just end up tossing and turning? Having troubles with your sleep can be incredibly frustrating and negatively impact your personal, work and social interactions and relationships. Anxiety, depression and other…

We are opening our doors again with full precautions in place on May 11!

We are opening our doors again. The Downtown Clinic re-opens on May 11 and the Capitol Hill Clinic will open it’s doors for the first time on May 19. We are really looking forward to getting back to what we do best and get you feeling better again. We want to ensure we are completely…

Yoga is for Everybody.

In the scientific community, interest into the impact of yoga on numerous health conditions continues to grow. In the general population yoga is widely accepted to be of benefit to one’s physical, mental, and emotional health to various degrees.

How Ascent’s Acute Knee Clinic Can Help You – Dr. Fisher |DC

Did you know we offer Acute Knee Injury services?  Following a knee injury, an accurate and timely diagnosis is critical to setting up the right course of action for management, referrals to specialists (if necessary), rehabilitation and return to full function. I (Dr. Fisher) know from personal experience how true this is.

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