Medical Acupuncture/IMS

Medical acupuncture is the biomedical adaptation of traditional Chinese acupuncture methods that focuses on concepts of neurology, anatomy and physiology.

Medical acupuncture involves insertion of solid needles at points based on the traditional Chinese approach as well as points that are anatomically and neurologically connected to your specific source of pain. Another major difference between the two forms of acupuncture is that the western approach may include manual needle stimulation (Intramuscular Stimulation or IMS) or electrical stimulation of the needles.

Dry needling is a technique similar to Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) where an acupuncture needle is used to relax tight muscles and stimulate the healing of over sensitive nerves. Its called “dry” because nothing is injected into the body

The Goal: to interrupt the inflammation and pain cycle around an injury to provide relief and prevent further damage.

After the pain and inflammation has subsided biomedical acupuncture can further be utilized to reverse these errant movement habits by re-educating normal muscle patterns and promoting optimal healing and function of the damaged tissue.

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Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization and is effective in treating a number of disorders including but not limited to:
● shoulder pain
● neck and back pain
● knee pain
● tennis and golfer’s elbow
● Chronically tight or weak muscles
● osteoarthritis
● muscular imbalances
● repetitive stress injuries
● sports injuries.
● headaches
● fatigue
● sciatica

Western Acupuncture relieves pain through stimulating a chemical called enkephalins to be released to the area. This chemical interrupts the pain signal that is going from the injured area to the spine and brain. By interrupting this stimulus and relieving the pain stimulus we can encourage faster healing and recovery.

Through this neuroendocrine response, western Acupuncture has been shown to have beneficial results including muscle relaxation, modulating pain and changing your autonomic activity – all resulting in an overall relaxation and feeling of well-being.

After the pain and inflammation is down and the new tissue is in place ART is used to direct the healing process. The body will naturally lay down this new tissue in a haphazard way making it look like a spider web of scar tissue. If the damaged tissue is stressed along its normal orientation during this phase of healing then the body will respond by aligning the new tissue in this direction. When this occurs the new tissue becomes functional instead of dysfunctional scar tissue.

The acupuncture needle is inserted into the damaged tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon). These tissues are all made up of structure called collagen. The needle stimulates the area to lay down more collagen to replace the damaged tissue. It is important to note that this new tissue is immature and weak compared to the undamaged tissue, which is why progressive rehabilitation is essential to strengthen it and prevent re-injury of the area once the pain is gone.

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