Clinic Events & Classes

Our Ascent doctors treat joints of the spine and extremities to reduce pain, restore function and improve overall health of the body and mind.

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Clinic Events & Classes

Clinic Events & Classes

Our team has broad areas of expertise.  We love sharing knowledge and teaching techniques for you to move and improve. Many of these classes and workshops are offered virtually so you can do them from home!  Courses include Kinstretch, Pelvic Health, Kettlebell Training and more.

The Ascent Approach

Our /Approach starts with getting you out of pain quickly, we then help you gain mobility and control so you can move better, after that we focus on building and maintaining resilience so you can stay active for the long term. 

Our clinic classes are designed to enhance your education, gain skills and experience better movement.

Current Course Offerings:

Free Workshop on Pelvic Health – Christine Hamill / Physiotherapist

This is an educational and practical evening workshop covering a wide range of conditions and is designed to help you get information on how Pelvic Floor phsyio may benefit you.  

  • Cost: FREE
  • Dates: Sept 27 – Registration open
  • Location: clinic

Kinstretch 101: The Missing Link In Your Training – Sam March & Dr. Roger Menta

This 6 week course focuses on movement enhancement through body control, injury prevention, and joint health to produce physical longevity. Each class will allow  participants to self-assess their body for areas of dysfunction that are potentially resulting in pain, increasing the risk of injury development or decreasing one’s performance.

  • Cost: $90
  • NEW Dates: TBD
  • Time: Tuesday 5:45 – 6:45pm
  • Location: Online

Kettlebell 101: Intro to Kettlebell Skills and Programming – Dr’s Zach Morcom and Scott Fisher

Kettlebells are a simple and great tool for the home workout to focus on strength, cardio, movement confidence and longevity.  Through using lower loads with explosive movement, it can be easier on the joints and body but still provide a full body workout while gaining competency in foundational movements like the deadlift, clean, squat, press, carry, snatch and more.  

This course is for those new to kettlebell training and want to learn proper techniques and skills to be able to complete ongoing comprehensive workouts from home.

  • Cost: $135
  • Dates: THD
  • Location: Online

Recommended equipment (1 is required, 2+ is ideal): 

Females:  Novice 10 kg, 20 kg  / Advanced: 12 kg, 24 kg

Males:  Novice 12 kg, 24 kg  / Advanced 20 kg, 28 kg

Local Purchase Option: