A Century of Care (circa 1918)

Our clinic story goes back to 1918!  That is over one hundred years of providing healthcare to Calgarians. Although the ownership and location has changed a few times over the past one hundred years the doors have never closed. The clinic founder, Dr. C.H. Messenger, started Calgary Chiropractic Clinic in 1918 just 23 years after fellow Canadian Dr. D. Palmer discovered the field of chiropractic. Dr. Ross Lawson purchased the clinic from Dr. Messenger in 1951 and his son Dr. David Lawson took over his father’s practice and expanded the clinic’s services beyond chiropractic care and changed the name to Downtown Integrative Health Group in 2002. As David neared retirement he sold the clinic to the current owners Dr. Scott Fisher and his wife Ricki Fisher in 2013.  For a century the clinic has been a part of Alberta’s rich chiropractic history and has now grown to be a dynamic, multidisciplinary, natural health clinic in downtown Calgary.

Connected to the Past but Dedicated to the Future

When Scott and Ricki Fisher assumed ownership in 2013 they felt deeply proud to be inheriting the clinic’s long legacy in Calgary, and their vision is to build on what has been accomplished and continue moving the clinic in the pursuit of excellence. Shortly after purchasing the clinic they initiated a major brand overhaul which included renovating the space, Ascent-8updating the technology, launching a new website and adding more services, and changing the clinic name. Although a lot has changed there are some constant elements, especially the focus on patient-centered care.

Life long Learners

Continued learning is a passion around here. Our core team is constantly deepening their knowledge and expertise. In addition to having Active Release Techniques, Graston Techniques and IMS certified providers, we are the only specialized clinic in Calgary with TheRunningClinic.ca and have hosted courses with them for the past few years. We also specialize in the areas of Functional Range Conditioning, Titleist Performance Institute, Shift Concussion Management, and participated in research symposiums, conferences and much more.  We make the investment of our time and money to become better because we desire to be the best at what we do. We are also home to one of the few Sport Specialist Fellows in the city as Dr. Roger Menta is a graduate of the prestigious Sport Science Residency at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.
We are constantly pushing ourselves so we can better help our athletes and patients live, move and perform at their best.

Excellent Patient Care

Another constant at the clinic has been the unwavering dedication to providing evidence-based and personalizedAscent-84 patient care. One of the unique aspects we pride ourselves on is taking the time needed with each patient. Our appointments are unhurried because we block off a significant amount time for each visit so the practitioner has time to identify the underlying root of their problem and then provide the right treatment for their needs. Our goal is to get people better so they don’t need to come back, at least not for a long time. If the patient is not seeing results in a few treatments the practitioner is going to try something different or refer them to someone else who may be better equipped to treat their condition. This is where the value in working as part of an integrated team factors in. With a team of experts to collaborate within the clinic, and a wide network of medical professionals and sports physicians in the city, we can rely on a collective expertise and experience to ask questions or make a referral when someone else is more suited to the task.  In this day and age, we believe one doctor/practitioner should not expect to be all things to all patients, and one type of treatment cannot be expected to be a reasonable method of treating whatever walks in the clinic door. If we can’t help you ourselves we will help you find someone who can!

Local, National, and Global Impact

In addition to focusing our energy and efforts on providing the best care possible to our patients our team has also done a lot in the Calgary community, as well as on the national and global fronts. Dr. Fisher has participated in a couple overseas missions with Chiropractor’s Without Borders to the Dominican Republic and Tanzania. Our clinic is also a supporter of World Spine Care, an innovative mission to provide high-level musculoskeletal care in developing countries. Dr. Fisher was also on the medical team for Team Canada’s Golf team at the 2015 Pan-Am Games in Toronto. While Dr. Menta has  worked with the elite athletes of Taekwondo Canada traveling with the them to Russia as the team doctor for the 2015 World Championships; Dr. Menta has also presented his research at international conferences. Our practitioners are involved in the local community in a number of ways from volunteering at the Calgary Drop-In Centre and rallying to raise funds for the 2013 Alberta flood and the Fort McMurray fire, to setting up pop up clinics at local events and tournaments.
Things are busy around Ascent but it is because we are all passionate about what we are doing and want to ensure we are doing our best for our patients. It is extremely humbling to realize we are following in a century of footsteps of like-minded health practitioners and equally honouring to realize we can continue the story at Ascent. We think we have a pretty incredible story of health and community coming together in the city of Calgary and we look forward to continuing to shape the unfolding story.

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