Matthew Onyszko

Massage Therapy

Born in Poland, Matt immigrated to Canada when he was 5yrs old. With some language barriers in place early in life, sports became a passion that allowed him to meet new people and make friends.

He turned his passion for sports into successful endeavours into the worlds of rugby, football, boxing and submission wrestling. This pursuit of active living eventually led him to study kinesiology at the University of Calgary (2001-2005) and later work in the strength and conditioning world, owning and operating his own studio for 12yrs.

The progression to massage and soft tissue therapy was a very natural one for Matt, as his love for helping individuals live active and pain free, kept him engaged in the health and wellness world. With a focus on longevity and performance, he has experience in working with everyone from the general population and rehabilitation clients to professional athletes.

When not in the clinic, his passions include strength training, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing and any outdoor adventure he can find out his front door. Matt, his wife, daughter and their pup can be found in the mountains most weekends.

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