Quinn Tuner

Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy

As a born & raised Calgarian, Quinn have been lucky enough to have the Canadian Rockies as a cornerstone my entire life. He was a Nordic skier as soon as he could walk and dragged in a pulk through trails in the mountains prior to that. His passion for physiotherapy began with an odd injury sustained in grade school gym class that landed him in the hands of the rehabilitation team. Over a long recovery, he was coached through the ups and downs by a physiotherapist. Immediately he knew this was the career for him.

Quinn began my studies at the University of Calgary obtaining my BSc in Kinesiology with distinction before being accepted to the MScPT program at the University of Alberta. As he progressed through the program, Quinn developed a keen interest in low back pain & completed all 3 levels of the McGill Method to advance his clinical skillset.

Outside of work, Quinn is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Throughout the seasons he partakes in rock, alpine, and ice climbing along with mountaineering, backcountry ski touring, and Nordic skiing. He believes his experience within these broad disciplines grants him an excellent perspective into injury prevention, management, and high-level performance. He strives to provide an individually tailored approach to each treatment. Quinn offers a thorough assessment and an evidence-based, active solution to return patients to doing the things they love. Being a bit of a bookworm, he tries to keep up with the latest physiotherapy research to provide leading-edge, high-quality treatments to all his patients. To consolidate his knowledge and make educational information accessible to patients, he has an Instagram account to summarize physiotherapy literature (@alpine.physio). Check it out! 

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