Keeping Up With The Times

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When our clinic was founded in the 1930’s, the Canada Broadcasting Corporation was being established as a national radio station. By the 1950’s most households had TV. The first CBC stations were established in Toronto and Montreal but the first coast to coast signal did not begin until 1958. The first colour TV program was in 1963 – The Forest Rangers.

Fast forward to today. The CBC is certainly a broadcast leader in multi-media news presentation. We can still tune in to CBC radio and TV but now we also have access to a web site, twitter, facebook, blog and podcasts. A cool link for the upcoming election is the “Vote Compass” (, a stylish way of educating yourself on some of the election issues. Check it out… really!! Find out if you’re as much of a conservative as you think you are.

Downtown Integrative Health Group has also embraced this world of information technology. With the launch of  our new web site ( we are going to give you more than advertising and promotion. Our Facebook page and this blog are your connection with our health team. We’ll provide information such as simple health tips and suggest healthy things to do in Calgary, but we’ll also make comments about relevant health issues, at times giving you an alternative view. In response we hope you will give us your feedback and questions.

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