Online Sessions

As a patient-centered and evidence-based clinic we are committed to providing effective and individualized treatments no matter the format. We are pleased to offer online video sessions (often called Telehealth) as one of the platforms we can provide great chiropractic, physiotherapy and sport rehab care to our patients.

An online session allows you to attend an appointment and receive care from the comfort of your own home or office. This is also a great option for all individuals that are at high risk and want to limit their exposure during Covid-19.

What is an online session?

An online session (Telerehab) is a remote appointment that occurs over confidential phone or preferably video conference. Your practitioner will connect with you online at your scheduled appointment time. It is an opportunity to speak privately with a physiotherapist or chiropractor online for a provisional diagnosis, exercise plan and rehabilitation strategy. We use a secure remote healthcare platform.

How does it work?

1.Book Your Video Session

Go to our online booking page. Log in and choose your location and practitioner. Then chose one of the “Video” session options.  Or email us for help with booking your session. If you are a new patient please choose an initial visit option so the practitioner has the time to do a full assessment with you.

(We offer a complimentary 15 minute check-in option for those who are unsure if a video session is right for them.)

2. Access Your Video Session Online
At the time of your appointment, using a laptop or computer, log back into our online booking site and click the consent to virtual appointment. You will be joined by video with your practitioner for a one-on-one appointment. (Chrome and Firefox browsers work best)

3. Receive Your Personalized Plan
During your online session, your practitioner will review your goals, conduct a virtual assessment, and offer self-care tips.

4. Continue Your Plan Offline
Your practitioner will prescribe a personalized at-home exercise program to help improve the way you move, along with a follow-up virtual session, if needed.

Is there an additional cost to the online sessions?

MVA insurers, WCB and most health insurance providers cover telehealth when provided by a registered Physiotherapist, or Chiropractor. We will continue billing MVA and WCB appointments directly for you.

While we are currently unable to direct bill to other insurance providers for online sessions, our online booking system securely stores your preferred method of payment, and your invoice will conveniently be sent to your email with all the information you need to submit to your insurance company.

What else do I need to have ready for the online session?

  1. Complete and submit the consent emailed to you if you are a new patient
  2. Test your technology in advance!
  3. Ensure you have space to do exercises without disruption
  4. Wear clothing that lets you move and allows us to see the area of your injury/function
  5. Have ready any gear you need (theraband, roller, weights, an exercise mat etc)
  6. After connecting, you will be asked to complete the informed consent process to proceed with the virtual session instead of an in-person visit.
  7. Let your practitioner know if you have any questions

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Privacy Policy:
Ascent Health & Sport Therapy recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy, confidentiality and security of client’s personal information. Ascent Integrative Health will not collect, use or disclose any information about you, including your personal health information in any manner that is not in accordance with the Health Information Act or our established office policies.
Ascent Health & Sport Therapy supports the right of individuals or their authorized representatives to access and request corrections to their personal and health information, subject to any specific restrictions in applicable legislation. Should you wish to authorize another individual to act on your behalf, an Authorization of Representative Form must be completed and submitted to the clinic. If you require access to your personal information or would like to make a correction to your records, please use Ascent Integrative Health Personal Information Request/Correction Form.
Ascent Health & Sport Therapy may also disclose personal information for approved purposes as authorized by the Health Information Act or with your express consent when you fill out the Ascent Integrative Health Health Information Disclosure Consent Form. All of these forms are available directly from the clinic upon request.
If you have any questions about our privacy policies and practices, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible Privacy Officer:
Ricki Fisher | Telephone: (403) 262-1121





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