Yoga Therapy

Our Ascent doctors treat joints of the spine and extremities to reduce pain, restore function and improve overall health of the body and mind.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy offers a holistic way to access movement
that is fulfilling, exciting and sustainable. This work
is about empowerment, and feeling strong and
capable in one’s body.

Why Ascent?

The /Ascent /Approach

Our /Approach starts with getting you out of pain quickly, we then help you gain mobility and control so you can move better, after that we focus on building injury resilience so you can stay active for the long term. 

Yoga Therapy

In Yoga Therapy, we spend the time to focus on understanding WHY one might benefit from yoga, and working within a person-centered approach— have the yoga fit the person, not the person fit the yoga.

Sessions are designed to create an evidence-based, but also wellness-based space, to facilitate safe, sustainable and an exciting individualized practice for each person.

All yoga therapy sessions are provided through a trauma-informed lens, and are presented to build a space for comfort and safety through breathing, meditation and gentle movement. Any physical restrictions found within the body can be addressed through soft tissue therapy and joint mobilizations. Physical limitations and difficulties can then be worked on through various yoga postures and flows.


These are some of the commonly treated conditions:

  • Chronic pain management
  • Recurring back pain
  • Stiffness
  • Those with suffering from “a million paper cuts”
  • Persistent pain
  • Long covid- breath work and gentle movement
  • Scar Pain


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Why Ascent?