The 411 on IV Nutrient Drips

Posted 2 years ago on

Have you heard about IV (Intravenous) vitamin drips? Are you curious to see how it may make you feel? Perhaps, you have been to places like Las Vegas and seen places promoting them as ‘hangover IVs’. Here at Ascent Integrative Health, IVs are offered more on a therapeutic basis. A mini-initial appointment specific for IV treatments or a comprehensive naturopathic initial appointment will help determine the best IV option for you (or if IVs are the best treatment option) based on your current health status.

The IV nutrient drips at Ascent can benefit a wide spectrum of concerns, including:

  • Those that have digestive problems, feel like they are not digesting and subsequently, not absorbing nutrients from their food.
  • Those with an increased amount of stress, low energy, tiredness, and/or sluggishness as the B vitamins with a combination of other nutrients can give you an energy boost and help you get through and keep moving during the period of stress
  • Those who frequently encounter cold and flus
  • Travellers – support the immune system as airplanes can be filled with germs. Travel season is coming up!
  • Seasonal allergy support
  • Supporting connective tissue repair and healing following sports events, injuries or surgeries
  • Rehydration after sports events
  • Helps with muscle soreness following physical activity
  • Supporting your liver detoxification pathways (perhaps this might help during Stampede week or after!)


Call the clinic at 403-462-1211 to book your initial appointment and we can discuss which IV is best for you during the appointment and/or other treatment strategies. If the problem has been going on for a while, we may need to work together to restore the imbalance within your core so the benefits from the IVs are long-lasting. Booking a shortened or comprehensive initial appointment on a day prior to your IV treatment allows for individual modifications to the established formulas.


The current IV formulas that are offered include: Energize (multivitamin/mineral), Immune support, and an Active (sports/athletic-focused).