Trust & Health – Why You Need It (Dr. Sarah Kent |ND)

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Without trust relationships struggle and inevitably falter.  Trust enables passage through difficulties.  It fosters growth and development from the physical to the spiritual.  Most importantly it facilitates love.  Without trust, fear and isolation can commandeer perspective inviting depression, anxiety and isolation.  I consider trust to be paramount in realizing best health, from the trust one has with their health care practitioner to the trust one has with their own body’s ability to thrive in wellness.

Naturopathic doctors are guided in their practice by fundamental tenets of their naturopathic oath, among which is the principle of cooperating with the healing power of nature – the vis medicatrix naturae. In order to expressively work with and support the healing power of nature it’s critical to understand what it is, to believe in it and most importantly to trust it.

The healing power of nature is best understood as the inherent desire of organisms to be in health, to move towards life and away from illness.  This principle also includes the benefits that can be found in nature, within our environment to help support and correct for illnesses. Essentially naturopaths believe there is an inherent wisdom in the body that seeks to attain and maintain health, a deep intelligence that everyone just has by being human.  When illness occurs, it is about treating the effect but always assessing the roadblocks that preclude one from health.

Ultimately naturopaths believe that you are the most knowledgeable person there is about yourself, that you know your body and mind best. In order to uncouple any barriers that befall illness, they must work with you to uncover why you aren’t achieving that natural state of health.  For therapy to be most effective, however trust is required.

Trusting your self is essential on any journey you take, when considering your health- journey trusting your self is imperative.   Being able to trust your naturopath and the therapy they recommend will also create the space and support you need to realize your health goals. This trust must be earned and once earned it will lend itself to the experience of true health, in a safe, nourishing environment.

May 6th – May 12th is Naturopathic Medicine Week. Do you have a Naturopath?  Do you know what a Naturopath is? Well, this is the week to discover.  Naturopaths are medically trained doctors of natural medicines who work with you on whatever your health goals may be.  To learn more about naturopathic doctors you can check out the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA)  or The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)

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