Why Detox? – By Dr. Sarah Kent, ND

You should detox daily.  You need to detox daily.  Don’t worry, you do this naturally, your body is well equipped.  The question is how well are your detoxification processes? Do they need support?  Are they suffering?  Are they working overdrive?

Your organs of elimination are:

1)    Skin
2)    Lungs
3)    Liver
4)    Bowels
5)    Kidneys
6)    Lymph system

Your body already uses these organs to filter, detox, and eliminate. These generally aren’t their only functions so when they are stressed from multiple demands unrelated to detoxification, the detoxification process may still suffer.

I feel it is important to look at the body and its individual parts on a micro and macro scale.  This of course means looking at things from a large scale to assess how the whole body is functioning and on a smaller scale to determine how the individual systems are working.  What’s the total burden on the body and the total burden on an organ or process?  How do both of these seem to effect overall wellness?

Signs that you might be needing to support your detoxification systems are:

– Fatigue
– Skin irritations
– Hormonal imbalance
– Allergies
– Intolerance to fumes / scents

How do you support detoxification?  There are many ways, from generic to individual detox plans tailor made to you,  which are usually accompanied by a specific dietary program, herbal products and protein powders.  All are great.  Its about finding one that works for you.

The simple step:

The biggest and most important step when trying to support your detoxification processes is avoidance of offending agents.  These are:

1)    foods that are more prone to trigger inflammation and affect hormone balance (sugars, caffeine, eggs, gluten, dairy, soy)

2)    exogenous hormones (non hormone free meats)

3)    Chemicals (cleaning products, beauty care products)

Try to support your detoxification processes by removing those agents and watch your wheels of detoxification starts spinning perfectly.  Try it for 10 days if you’ve never done it before. Needing more? If so, a  targeted detox plan may be in order.

Spring and summer are a great time to implement change as we become invigorated by longer days and more energy.  Our bodies may feel sluggish and rusty.  This is a timely opportunity to help stimulate your own bodies natural detoxification and launch healthy summer time and life long habits.

 Some words of wisdom – keep it simple and be consistent.

To find out more information on a complete whole body wellness detox, check out the Ascent Wellness detox program including detoxification meal / supplement plan with group  physical activity and massage.