About Us

Our Ascent doctors treat joints of the spine and extremities to reduce pain, restore function and improve overall health of the body and mind.

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About Us

About Us

For over a century our clinic has been providing cutting edge manual therapy to Calgarians.


We promise to move you out of pain and build resilience in your movement and lifestyle.

Our Mission

To inspire resilient lives that conquer mountains.

To us, this means:

Instilling confidence in our team and approach so you can trust the treatment process.

Providing empowering care that enables you to be an active participant in your health, activity and lifestyle goals.

Guiding ongoing progress in your movement capacity so you can protect and maintain your body for the long term.

Our Philosophy

Our brand and vision are inspired by the people who love to move and push boundaries outside. While not everyone is an alpine enthusiast, we know everyone will encounter “mountains” in their life and we want to provide an environment that supports and inspires the sense of resiliency it often requires to face these inner and outer landscapes.

We also acknowledge there are valleys between the peaks, and we embrace these as part of the wellness journey. However, we believe the human body and spirit have the capacity to push past the limitations we often place on ourselves. Getting you out of pain and restoring mobility is only the first part of our mission. We also want to empower you to become stronger and more resilient. This is what the ‘ASCENT APPROACH’ is all about and we apply it to all our patients. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or an older individual looking to stay active as you age, our role is to serve as your guide in the pursuit to conquer “your mountain.”

Our Century-old Legacy

The clinic story goes all the way back to 1918 as it was one of the first chiropractic clinics in Alberta. Although the ownership, name and location has changed a few times over the past one hundred years, the doors have never closed. The clinic’s vision has also evolved over the years to include the multidisciplinary approach we hold now.

When the current owners, and husband and wife duo, Dr. Scott and Ricki Fisher assumed ownership in 2013 from the Lawson family, they felt deeply proud to be inheriting the clinic’s century-long legacy in Calgary. Their vision has been to build on what has been accomplished and continue moving the clinic in the pursuit of excellence. While a lot has changed in our hundred year history we have never strayed from the unwavering dedication to providing cutting edge and personalized patient care.



Our promise is to move you out of pain and build resilience in your movement and lifestyle. From the expertise of our team to the design of the clinic space, you’ll find an elevated experience at Ascent.


Our treatment plans are based on the latest clinical and scientific research to meet your specific needs. Our team is continually becoming our best to ensure you receive cutting-edge healthcare with lasting results.


Our appointment times are longer than the industry standard and provide you with personalized 1:1 care designed to equip you with the tools to be an active participant in your own recovery.


All are welcome at Ascent and we are genuinely grateful and care for those that entrust us with their health. And with free parking, a convenient location, online booking and direct billing, we’ve made feeling your best as convenient as possible.