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Our Ascent doctors treat joints of the spine and extremities to reduce pain, restore function and improve overall health of the body and mind.

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Work With US

Be part of a great team working together to move and improve health, sport performance & lifestyles.

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At Ascent we believe our greatest asset is the staff and practitioners who work with us. We invest in and support staff and practitioners in undertaking a leadership role within the team, so your career path has every opportunity to grow with the company. 

We know we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance. In accepting the strengths of others, we improve ourselves, empower each other and create a stronger team. This enhances the service we provide our patients and strengthens the collaboration and comradery between team members.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe better is always possible: We are lifelong learners. We stay humble and keep pushing and innovating. We are always looking for ways to evolve our processes, communication styles and clinical expertise. We never assume we have arrived at all the answers and want to stay curious about new ways of doing things better.
  2. We care deeply: We are motivated by our desire to see everyone reach their best. We listen beneath the surface to our patients’ needs. We communicate with kindness and candor in order to foster the psychological safety of our team and our patients.
  3. We build community: A team-first approach is the foundation of our success. We know our success will be more meaningful and more substantial if we support each other and invest in the communities we belong to. Everyone’s role and voice are important as Ascent.
  4. We deliver empowering & comprehensive care: Our treatments are never rushed but individualized, memorable and consistent. We inspire people to reach their full potential through better movement and a resilient lifestyle mindset.
  5. We can be ourselves: We pursue what makes us come alive as a practitioner or employee and intentionally create space to do the things we love.

Current Openings

Performance Coach (or similar designation) – We are seeking a dynamic and dedicated Athlete Performance Coach to lead and shape the vision of Ascent Athletics. The Athlete Performance Coach will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between clinical care and athletic performance. Collaborating closely with our clinical team, the Athlete Performance Coach will not only provide resilience and performance-based training but also contribute to strength-based rehabilitation programming, aligning with Ascent’s framework of progression from pain relief to enhanced function and capacity, ultimately leading to resilience and longevity. (Find out more)

Patient Experience Coordinator / Clinic Assistant: This role requires an individual who is responsible for various administrative tasks aimed at enhancing the overall patient experience. From coordinating patient bookings and maintaining schedules to handling billing and ensuring efficient patient flow, you will be an essential part of our clinic’s daily operations. You will also create and manage patient digital files, maintain a welcoming reception area, and assist with front desk duties. Your attention to detail, organizational skills, and strong interpersonal abilities will contribute to a smooth clinic environment and the satisfaction of our patients. A candidate with personal training or Athletic Training experience will also have the opportunity to assist with patient exercises and modalities. (Find out more)

We are always looking for talented and quality individuals to join our team who see themselves as a good fit for our clinic culture and values.

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    Become a Brand Partner

    We know that we are all stronger together and business partnerships are the way of future success. That is why we look to collaborate with like minded brands or teams on events or to enhance community wellness. Whether it’s tailored Workshops, Event Sponsorship or Interactive Demonstrations, we are able to offer exclusive programming to help create an elevated brand experience for your event or workplace. Our brand partners often have a service or discount they would like to provide our team in exchange for these services as a way of finding mutual benefit.

    We would love to have a chat with you and explore some opportunities. Send us your name, way to contact you, and what might be on your mind like an Ascent Sport Specific Workshop, Workplace Wellness Workshop, Brand Alignment Partnership, Event Sponsorship or other. Fill out our Contact page form or email us directly!

    Request a Pop-up Clinic at Your Event

    If you are organizing a sport or fitness event here in the city, let us know – we’d love to support you.

    From sporting events to workplace wellness days, our team of expert therapists will personalize a mobility and treatment program specifically for your event. We can set up a treatment space to provide soft tissue therapy or run a group kinstretch or yoga class depending on your needs.

    We would love to have a chat with you and explore some opportunities. Send us your name, way to contact you, and your Event description and dates. Fill out our Contact page form or email us directly!