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Our Ascent doctors treat joints of the spine and extremities to reduce pain, restore function and improve overall health of the body and mind.

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Mobility Function Strength Performance Resilience

Recover fast and achieve meaningful results with Ascent’s dynamic approach to manual therapy & rehab.

The Ascent Approach

Our approach to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation is goal oriented, progressive and proven to get lasting results..


Our comprehensive and expert treatments provide quick relief of tension, soreness and injury.

Mobility & Control

Life requires movement. Improve and control the mobility of your joints and soft tissue through a combination of hands-on treatment and movement therapy.


Protect and maintain your body.  Receive personalized programs to build capacity and longevity for the active life you want.

Health Services

Sport Therapy

We believe everyone is an athlete. Whether it’s for sport performance, injury recovery, active living or aging well –  we all need our bodies to perform at its best.  Our sport therapy approach is for every-body!

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Our physiotherapists are highly experienced and their 1:1 sessions offer you the highest standard of care. They will curate a personalized plan to help you gain the tools needed to do the physical activities you love now and build injury resilience for the years to come.

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We break the mold of traditional chiropractic treatments. Our chiropractors emphasize progressive manual therapy strategies integrated with active exercise plans to improve your mobility and lifestyle longevity.

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Massage therapy

Our Calgary registered massage therapists are experienced in providing safe and effective therapeutic and sport massages. In addition to providing temporary relief of muscle tension and soreness, our /Approach works to improve tissue health that gets you off the table and moving well again.

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Why Ascent?

Elevate your Expectations

Our Promise

Our promise is to move you out of pain and build resilience in your movement and lifestyle. From the expertise of our team to the design of the clinic space, you’ll find an elevated experience at Ascent.

Expert & Collaborative Care

Our treatment plans are based on the latest clinical and scientific research to meet your specific needs. Our team is continually becoming our best to ensure you receive cutting-edge healthcare with lasting results.  

Comprehensive Appointments

Our appointment times are longer than the industry standard and provide you with personalized 1:1 care designed to equip you with the tools to be an active participant in your own recovery.

Welcoming & Convenient

All are welcome at Ascent and we are genuinely grateful and care for those that entrust us with their health. And with free parking, a convenient location, online booking and direct billing, we’ve made feeling your best as convenient as possible.

The Latest

The Ascent blog is where you can learn what the Ascent Crew is up to and find all the health tips and resources they want to share with you.

The Ascent Approach

Our /Approach starts with getting you out of pain quickly, we then help you gain mobility and control so you can move better, after that we focus on building injury resilience so you can stay active for the long term. 

From the expertise of our team to the design and aesthetic of the clinic space, you’ll find an elevated experience at Ascent.

Our sessions are always 1:1 and curated around you and your goals.  Our approach to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation is backed by evidence and proven to get lasting results.